Waterproofing Membrane

waterproofing-26Waterproofing Membrane

Poor drainage systems can create a wide range of problems. Some of them may include boggy lawns, which may undermine foundations. There are a couple of natural factors that will cause poor drainage, such as a low lying block close to the subterranean water table & sloping blocks.

The water table is a section of earth below the surface that is saturated with water. During heavy rain the water table will rise causing water to pond. In other cases, water at the base of the block can be drained away using a soakaway, which is a deep pit filled with rocks and covered with topsoil. If the problem is severe, a subsurface drain may be required. One of the solutions to this problem might be placing ditches at the edges of the garden to drain off accumulated surface water.

Drainage is essential where a property has been recently built or renovated and the natural contours of the soil altered.

Drainage system is essential where site conditions require subsoil water to be diverted away from footings, retaining walls & basements.

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