Toronto Waterproofing

024ABC Waterproofing & Contracting only uses the top quality basement waterproofing products. We ensure that the best of the best is applied when you want to prevent water penetration in your basement.

We use Aqua Guard (AQUA-Block 720) , which is a state-of-the-art coating that waterproofs foundation including block, stone or concrete basement walls old or new. It provides 100% protection against water.  It seals small cracks, crevices and holes, and results in a permanent basement waterproofing treatment for the life of the underlying surface.  This quick dry product will set quickly and once it has its anti-microbial mold resistance will ensure the absence of any mold.

We use the best Hydro-Guard materials of its kind.  When applied a membrane is formed that completely covers the problem area.  Hydro-Guard can be applied to any solid area of the wall. 

Call us and have one of our ABC Toronto Waterproofing specialists visit your home and provide a hassle free examination of your specific basement waterproofing  issue.  We will then recommend the best and cost-effective product ensuring a 100% effective sealing solution.