Foundation Crack Repair

DSC01270Foundation Repair Toronto

Time is not on our side when it comes to foundation repair. Over time all foundations move, thus causing cracks in your foundation and sometimes basement cracks. Most of the times, when movement exceeds the intended design allowance the excess can causes the foundation to become overstressed resulting in masonry cracks and gaps at door and window openings.

Foundation Repair Toronto – foundation restoration can be result of :

  • Poor Initial Construction Methods
  • Changing Environmental Conditions
  • Building Alterations and Additions
  • Age of Building

An experienced foundation contractor understands there’s no shortcuts in foundation repair. Foundation repair and basement crack should always be looked at and done by qualified basement waterproofing professional. There are many variables that should be taken under consideration when dealing with foundation repair, some of them are significant changes in soil moisture, changes to watertable levels, removal of surrounding trees, adjacent excavations (old and new), incorrect excavation compaction or proximity dewatering & water bore use. ABC Waterproofing & Contracting has qualified foundation repair toronto contractors that will find and deal with any problem associated with foundation repair.