Basement Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing – In many circumstances basement waterproofing issues can be resolved with external waterproofing applications.
A properly waterproofed exterior wall will block out the water that seeps through making it continue to a properly configured drainage system.

The Process

Excavation will occur around the perimeter of your home. The size of the excavation meets industry safety standards and allows for workman maneuverability.

All visible cracks will be enlarged and refilled.

Parging Hydraulic Cement is then applied thoroughly and evenly across the problem area.

Aqua Guard 720-38 is then troweled evenly and thoroughly across the entire perimeter of problem area.

The drainage system is installed.waterproofing-15

Dimple board (Delta Membrane / Hydroguard) is applied.

As an additional option we can install styrofoam insulation to help keep your basement warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Re-grading of the property and job is complete.

Basement Waterproofing – All excavation and restoration is fully compliant with industry codes and best practices. ABC Waterproofing & Contracting always goes the extra mile to ensure that no future problems with water seepage or drainage occur.

Exterior basement waterproofing will eliminate the moisture in your basement’s problem area eliminating unwanted odors that cause allergies and illness. By reinforcing the integrity of your exterior foundation, The ABC exterior basement waterproofing solution will eliminate deterioration that occurs on your foundation walls.

Moisture issues in your basement reduces the value of your home and it is highly advised to fix these issues especially when considering the sale of your home. Foundation crack repair and water issues will immediately increase the value of your home and prevent wet basement.


Interior Basement Waterproofing (Alternative Solution to Exterior) Waterproofing Toronto
Our internal water proofing system provides a solution when exterior basement waterproofing is not an option.

The ABC’s of your Interior system:

We will break the floor area around the perimeter of the basement to start wet basement solutions.

We will remove the concrete and dig out a trench to accommodate the necessary weeping tile.

The weeping tile is installed and connected to a sump pump or a suitable drain.

A dimpled sheet of drainage membrane is installed on the interior exposed wall.

We then install gravel over the weeping tile to ensure maximum drainage to the tile. wet basement repair

Finally we will install a layer of concrete over the exposed trench that will finish the floor back to its original state. toronto waterproofing

Window Well Waterproofing

Leaky window wells tend to be a water leak issue that a home owner encounters.
Window wells are really the only way to get natural daylight into your basement.

Although there are a number of variables that exist with leaky window wells including:

Poor drainage in the well

Poor waterproofing surrounding the well

ABC Waterproofing & Contracting will properly identify your issue and eliminate it permanently.

030Sealing and Foundation crack repair Toronto

Foundation crack repair are a result of voids in concreted foundations. Over time cracks will develop due to settlement
causing leaks in your foundation and leaky basement. Interior or Exterior cracks are repaired using sealing tools and technologies that will guarantee a dry basement!


ABC basement waterproofing workmanship is backed by a 25 year warranty.